What to do if you win

Winners are independently selected using a computer with a random number generator algorithm and every valid ticket has the same chance of winning in every weekly draw. NB. Although there are 52 draws per year, JPA pay statements will reflect some months with 5 draws as 5x weekly ticket holdings

Prizes winners do not need to claim as winnings will be paid by cheque made out to the winning ticket holder and sent to their current JPA Service address.  Cheques can be mailed to alternative addresses if winners inform the Lottery Office within 4 days of the Draw date.

Lost Cheques Protocol

Winners who have not cashed their winning cheque within 3 months of issue will be sent a reminder by letter to their JPA Service address.  Cheques not cashed within 6 months of issue will be cancelled and the winnings will be returned to RNRMSL funds.