HMNB Portsmouth 5-A-Side Team take on Europe

Robin Young

Published: 20/06/2014 09:06

Last Updated: 20/06/2014 09:06

After a great season the Naval Base Football team were in action again but this time in Valencia, Spain, in the Valencia Fives competition. The team won the FA Fives Competition at Wembley back in December 2013 and entered in to the Valencia Fives with support from the RN/RM Sports Lottery.

The competition took place on Sat 26 Apr 14 at a sports centre in Valencia, Spain.

Results - Group B, Games 1-5

Group B began with Real L'Bourne (Eng) taking on Naranjitos (Spa). We were Welcoming both teams into the fold and wished them both luck as they stepped on to the court to make their debut.

Real L'Bourne started the match the quicker as they flew out of the blocks. Thomas Bray scored their first goal of the day and it wasn't long before Franco Minieri made it 2-0. At half-time they were sitting in pole position.

Their position got even healthier after the break as they extended the lead to 3-0 with Dan Hart grabbing a goal. It looked game over and that the points were in the bag. However, Naranjitos had other ideas as first of all David Moya Aparicio pulled one back for 3-1.

If you thought that was a consolation then think again as Jose Antonio Pla Gimenez reduced the deficit to 3-2. Real L'Bourne were back in a game again. The English team were able to see the game out and claim victory holding off a valiant Naranjitos fight back.

In the next game, Pensat I Fet (Spa) and HMNB Portsmouth (Eng) would begin their campaigns. Both teams were marking their debuts in our tournaments so it would be interesting to see how this panned out. With play underway it did not take long for HMNB Portsmouth to claim the ascendency. They fired off quicker than a nerdy virgin at a Playboy pool party as they raced into a 5-1 lead in a comprehensive opening period.

It was a disastrous start for Pensat I Fet and sadly (for them) set the tone for the rest of the game. HMNB Portsmouth showed no mercy on their opponents and continued to bag the goals as they ran out 10-1 victors.

There was a hat-trick for Daniel Kerr, two for Chris Reeves and goals from Andrew Todd, Simon Radford, Ross McEvoy, Gary Sullivan and also goalkeeper Matthew Shortt getting in on the action.

Budapest Celtic (Hun) entered the fold in 2011 on home soil at the 2011 Budapest Fives and they came into this tournament on a high having recently claimed victory at the 2013 Krakow Trophy where they defeated France's The A-Team 2-1 in the Cup Final. They also have 2 Runners-Up finishes to their name (Budapest Fives 2011 and 2012). Valencia marked their 3rd overseas tour after Krakow and Barcelona. It also represents the stag weekend of Celtic legend Matt WB so expectations may have been a little lower than normal. They would meet Real L'Bourne who already had a win under their belts and a further three points would be just what the doctor ordered. Real L'Bourne surged into a 2-0 lead with Dan Hart and Brad Wood both finding the net before the big incident in the game.

Budapest Celtic Lions won a penalty and due to a retaliation saw Heike Bult exit the field with a red card. The resulting penalty was scored by Neil Evans and the deficit was reduced to 2-1 at half-time. Four-man Budapest Celtic Lions then stunned Real L'Bourne as Neil Evans struck twice to score a remarkable hat-trick and put them 3-2 up. Budapest Celtic Lions were looking good but Real L'Bourne went about their business with real zeal as the pressure was well and truly now on. You could sense the relief as Thomas Bray made it 3-3 and then Dan Hart put them ahead 4-3 late on. It was a great game and Budapest Celtic Lions can consider themselves unlucky to come away without a point after such a superb effort. The points were going to Real L'Bourne who Professionally completed the job and now had 6 points for their efforts thus far.

Game 4 was the scheduled meeting of Naranjitos versus Pensat I Fet. Naranjitos had started slowly but recovered well in their opening game to narrowly miss out on some points. Pensat I Fet were hoping they could recover from a heavy opening game defeat. Naranjitos continued their second half form from their opening fixture by racing into a 4-0 lead against Pensat I Fet. There were two goals each from Carlos Cebrian Salinas and David Moya Aparicio in the first half. For Pensat I Fet, down as a Spanish team as living locally but with a French playing contingent, were feeling a touch of déjà vu as the goals continued to flow against them. They conceded three more - David Moya Aparicio and Carlos Cebrian Salinas both completing hat-tricks and also from Ignacio Salinas. If there was hope for Pensat I Fet it was that they were scoring as Stephane Crovieuan scored a consolation. Naranjitos had bounced back well but it was looking like being a long morning for Pensat I Fet.

The game that would take us to the half-way stage of Group B was HMNB Portsmouth v Budapest Celtic Lions. The former were looking to capitalise on a sensational start (and what would be the biggest win of the day) in their opening fixture. Budapest Celtic Lions must have wondered "what might have been" if they could have kept all 5 on the pitch in a narrow defeat against a team who now had 2 wins and sat, temporarily at least, at the top of the table. In short, we expected a much tougher game for HMNB Portsmouth and that's what they got. We reached half-time with nothing to separate the two teams as they went into the interval all level at 1-1. Daniel Kerr had scored for HMNB Portsmouth, Chris Dobson with the goal for the Lions.

As the second half progressed we were still all even at 2-2 with further goals from Chris Reeves (HMNB) and Neil Evans (Lions). There was to be a winner and it came from Daniel Kerr with his 5th in 2 games as they took all 3 points with a 3-2 win. HMNB Portsmouth topped the table with a maximum 6 points. Budapest Celtic Lions can consider themselves unlucky to have no points to show for their efforts so far going down by the odd goal each time.

Real L'Bourne (Eng) 3 V 2 Naranjitos (Spa)
Pensat I Fet (Spa) 1 V 10 HMNB Portsmouth (Eng)
Budapest Celtic Lions (Hun) 3 V 4 Real L'Bourne (Eng)
Naranjitos (Spa) 7 V 1 Pensat I Fet (Spa)
HMNB Portsmouth (Eng) 3 V 2 Budapest Celtic Lions (Hun)

Results - Group B, Games 6-10

In Game 6 we had Real L'Bourne lining up against Pensat I Fet. Both teams came into the game with a 100% record - a winning one for Real L'Bourne, a losing one for Pensat I Fet. The English team went into the game as firm favourites and we soon saw why. Dan Hart scored an early first half goal before Jake Smith and Brad Wood established a 3-0 lead. At half-time Real L'Bourne were well on their way to opening up a 3 point gap at the top of the table. Dan Hart's second of the game sealed that as they ran out 4-0 victors.

Pensat I Fet were improving defensively (conceded 10 first game, 7 in the next and 4 here) but games were running out for them. Real L'Bourne could enjoy the heady feeling of being at the summit of Group A. Every time Real L'Bourne had opened up a 3 point lead at the top HMNB Portsmouth had quickly wiped out the lead and joined them at the top. They would have the opportunity to do so again next as they met Naranjitos. Naranjitos had just picked up their first win and with the exception of the first half in the first game had looked good. HMNB Portsmouth had had to work hard for their victory over Budapest Celtic Lions and Naranjitos were hoping to push them again. In fact they were doing better than pushing them close as at half-time the Spanish team found themselves leading 2-1. Two goals from David Moya Aparicio put them on top with Chris Reeves scoring the HMNB goal.

We were to witness a repeat in the second half with Aparicio and Ignacio Salinas scoring for Naranjitos outscoring Daniel Kerr's strike for HMNB Portsmouth. Final score, 4-2. The result blew the group wide open with Real L'Bourne (9), HMNB Portsmouth (6) and Naranjitos (6) all having a chance to win it going into the last round of games. Budapest Celtic Lions' third game was against Pensat I Fet who were playing their final Group B fixture. Budapest Celtic Lions had come close with no cigar so far having lost by just the one goal in both fixtures (to the two teams at the top) so this game would represent their best chance of getting some well-earned points. Pensat I Fet had struggled but results suggested they were improving with the margin of defeat decreasing by the game. In fact, they would leave their best group game to last scoring three goals in the process (Mathieu Roch x 2, Roman Bellyer x1). It wasn't quite enough though as Budapest Celtic Lions lead 3-1 at half-time and went on to win 5-3 at the final whistle.

The Budapest Celtic Lions result came courtesy of goals from Chris Dobson, Neil Evans, Heike Bult (2) and Will Walshe. It put them on 3 points and an outside shot at qualifying for the Cup.

For Pensat I felt their morning was over but there were signs the afternoon could be better for them. We shall see. Real L'Bourne went into their final fixture knowing just a point would secure the Group B title. However, if they lost and Naranjitos won they could finish in 3rd and even miss out on the Cup qualification - it would be unlikely 9 points would fail to qualify but you never know. HMNB Portsmouth on the other hand knew they had to win and join their opponents on 9 points. HMNB's goal difference would then most probably win them Group B and see them progress to the Cup. As you would expect from a top of the table clash there was little in it in the opening period and just one goal would separate the teams. The goal came from the boot of Ross McEvoy - his second of the day - and put HMNB Portsmouth in front. After the break HMNB Portsmouth eased away from their opponents as Daniel Kerr made it 2-0 and then 3-0. These were his 7th and 8th strikes of the day and he was emerging as a front runner for the Top Goalscorer prize.

The game ended 3-0 and HMNB Portsmouth joined Real L'Bourne on 9 points - could Naranjitos also join them in the final game of Group B?

So, what was at stake going into the final game of Group B? Naranjitos needed a win to make it a 3-way tie at the top of Group B - a 5 goal win would see them take the group title otherwise they would be second. A draw would see them finish 3rd and hoping to be one of the best 3rd place finishers to progress to the Cup. A defeat by less than 4 would achieve the same (although they'd be in a weaker position) and a defeat by more than 4 would see them slip to 4th. For Budapest Celtic Lions it was a whole lot simpler - win by 4 to finish 3rd and see if that was enough. Anything less and they'd be 4th and going into the Plate competition. At half-time in this one Budapest Celtic Lions were half-way to reaching their goal as they lead 2-0 thanks to Heike Bult and Neil Evans.

It was now or never for Naranjitos - could they respond? David Moya Aparicio reduced arrears to 2-1 with his 8th of the morning - another contender for the top goalscorer prize. 2-1 became 2-2 when Carlos Cebrian Salinas scored his 4th of the day. With time running out it looked like Budapest Celtic Lions hopes of a 4-goal victory were over but they could put a spanner in the works for Naranjitos and that's what they did. The game finished 2-2 with the draw not much use for either. The teams finished in 3rd and 4th place and Narnajitos haul of 7 points did prove enough to see them progress to the Cup.

HMNB Portsmouth emerged as Group B winners so well done to them.


Real L'Bourne (Eng) 4 V 0 Pensat I Fet (Spa)
Naranjitos (Spa) 4 V 2 HMNB Portsmouth (Eng)
Budapest Celtic Lions (Hun) 5 V 3 Pensat I Fet (Spa)
Real L'Bourne (Eng) 0 V 3 HMNB Portsmouth (Eng)
Naranjitos (Spa) 2 V 2 Budapest Celtic Lions (Hun)


Team Pld W D L For Agst Pts
HMNB Portsmouth (Eng) 4 3 0 1 18 7 9
Real L'Bourne (Eng) 4 3 0 1 11 8 9
Naranjitos (Spa) 4 2 1 1 15 8 7
Budapest Celtic (Hun) 4 1 1 2 12 12 4
Pensat I Fet (Spa) 4 0 0 4 5 26 0

The Cup Quarter-Finals saw the tournament's top 8 teams of the 15 team draw come head to head to see which team would emerge as 2014 Valencia Fives champions. We had 5 home teams and 3 travelling teams still with a chance of grabbing glory so where's your money? Who do you think will emerge victorious?

The first Quarter-Final saw an all-Spanish encounter with Group A winners Sparta taking on the best 3rd placed team, Naranjitos. Sparta would naturally be favourites having won their group but they had lost their final group game so proved they were beatable. Naranjitos had looked a very good team in Group B but results had been up and down - they beat the winners, lost to the Runners-Up, drew with 4th place. This unpredictability made this a tough Quarter-Final to bet on!

With the match underway it was Sparta who forged into the lead early on with a goal from Miguel Morcillo Aguado sandwiched in between two strikes from Christian Perello Agudo. Adrian Rodriguez Ortega found the net for Naranjitos and they were still in with a fighting chance in the second half but they trailed 3-1. There were two goals each in the second half with Vicente Esteve Selva and Boja Ioan-Radu scoring for Sparta. Adrian Rodriguez Ortega and David Moya Aparicio grabbed the goals for Naranjitos.

Sparta were one step closer to glory but it was the end of the tournament for Naranjitos. At the time of writing, Naranjitos are planning to join us for the 2014 Mallorca Tournament in June. We very much hope they can make the tour.

Cup Quarter-Final 2 saw HMNB Portsmouth in action against Che Que Boi!!! HMNB Portsmouth had earned their right to play on this stage by winning Group B. Che Que Bo!!! had missed the chance to win Group A by losing their last group game - how costly would that be? It didn't prevent their progress to the Quarter-Finals but it did leave them with a very tough fixture.

HMNB Portsmouth had been amongst the goals in the group phase with 18 goals in 4 games. Their appetite for goals was still in full flow as they took no time at all in forging ahead in this Quarter-Final. When the teams turned round at the break HMNB Portsmouth had one foot in the Semi-Final as they lead 4-1. A precise repeat of that score in the second half meant HMNB Portsmouth ran out 8-2 victors. It was another fine performance with 4 goals from Andrew Todd, a hattrick from Daniel Kerr and a goal for Gary Sullivan. David Ortiz Navarro kept up his own personal goal scoring run in defeat for Che Que Bo!!! and Jaime Lara Vicedo scored his first of the day.

HMNB Portsmouth were in formidable form and it would be a brave man to bet against them going all the way today.


Sparta (Spa) 5 V 3 Naranjitos (Spa)
HMNB Portsmouth (Eng) 8 V 2 Che Que Bo!!! (Spa)
Ealing Expendables (Eng) 6 V 4 CReal L'Bourne (Eng)
Finca Del Tutu (Spa) 1 V 3 Penethinaikos (Spa)

Semi Finals

If anything HMNB Portsmouth had been more emphatic with their victories which may have made them slight favourites going into the game. With each passing round/fixture the games were getting more and more important with much more at stake. These two teams were one win away from a European final and maybe that would explain why this match was a tense and feisty affair.

The first half came and went with the teams still locked together at 1-1 as Daniel Kerr bagged his 12th of the day for HMNB Portsmouth to be cancelled out by Sparta's Christian Perello Agudo. In the second half, Sparta forged ahead through Miguel Morcillo Aguado and with time running out it looked like it could be a winning lead. Sparta then conceded a late penalty which HMNB goalkeeper Matthew Shortt stepped to take and score. It meant we finished at 2-2 and would need a penalty shoot-out to decide the outcome.

It would be Sparta to start the penalty shoot-out;

1-0 as Miguel Morcill Aguado powered past the keeper.
1-0 it remained as Matthew Shortt could not repeat his pen in normal time.
2-0 as Sergio Alvarez Garcia scored.
2-1 Chris Reeves kept it alive powering his pen past the keepers right hand.
2-1 a lifeline as Matthew Shortt saved the final Sparta penalty.
2-2 Daniel Kerr slotted home to take us into sudden death.
3-2 Adrian De La Torre Moreno converted to put the pressure back on HMNB.
3-2 it remained as Andrew Todd saw Eugenio Gonzalez Serrano save his penalty.

It was a contest worthy of a Cup Final but sadly for HMNB Portsmouth we had to say farewell to them thinking of what might have been. Sparta had qualified for the Cup Final.

Sparta went on to win the final with ease. LPT Danny Kerr was awarded the golden boot for his 13 goals he scored throughout the day, a great performance was given by the team and the end of a great year of winning competition was over with the NB finishing 3rd in the Valencia Fives.