Sultan Win at the Treble

Robin Young

Published: 30/06/2014 12:06

Last Updated: 30/06/2014 10:06

Returning to work on the 1st day after 3 weeks of summer leave can be daunting prospect for anyone, however HMS SULTAN is not only a great place to work and train in recent weeks it has also been a lucky place for 3 current serving members, as they were greeted with some good news upon their return to work.

LA(PHOT) Jay Allen and LAET Arthur were winners in consecutive weeks (weeks commencing 18 Aug 12 and 25 Aug 12) of the £5,000 weekly prize from the Royal Navy Sports Lottery. ET(ME) Mander was also lucky to receive a prize of £500 on the same week as LAET Arthur.

Winner Jay Allen quipped ‘I have been a member of the Sports Lottery for almost 10 years and had never won a prize and was considering stopping my subscription. It just goes to show that that big win can be just around the corner.’

Cheques were presented to the winners by Cdre Slawson RN, CO HMS SULTAN.

For further information on how to sign up to the Sports Lottery contact LPT Stu Mantle by email SULTAN-PTI2 or Ext 3168.