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HMS SULTAN with another RNRM Sports Lottery Winner

Robin Young

Published: 24/11/2015 12:11

Last Updated: 24/11/2015 06:11

•An Aircraft Mechanical systems instructor is celebrating becoming the second person from HMS Sultan in a matter of weeks to scoop the Jackpot in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Sports Lottery (RNSL).
•Petty Officer Nicola Howse from the Defence College of Technical Training’s Royal Naval Air Engineering and Survival Equipment School, follows in the footsteps of Leading Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering) Ashley Tritschler in winning the RN & RM Sports Lottery’s Weekly Draw.
•Nicola, who has played the RNSL for 15 years without any success, was on holiday in New York when the draw was made and discovered the good news when she returned to work. She said: “I was actually on leave in New York when the Prize Draw was made, I came back into the office and one of the guys in the office had said to me that someone had been trying to get hold of me with some really good news. I really didn’t know what it was at all, then I found out that I had an email from the Lottery Manager telling me that I had won.”
•“I will probably spend it on just a few holidays and probably get people some better Christmas presents this year. Me and my partner Mark really like to travel so it will be nice to have a few nice weekend breaks.”
•“I have never even known anybody who has won before. I will definitely carry on playing as the sports lottery is not just about the money, but, it’s what they do with the money, regarding sports within the Royal Navy and I think it’s good to support that whether you win or not.”
•The RNRM Sports Lottery
•The RNSL is an exclusive competition for serving members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines with 26,000 members which sees someone each week win a jackpot of £5000. The RNSL exists to enhance the lives of service personnel by creating opportunities for them to get out and play sport. Grants from the Charity are made towards Establishments and to individuals who make personal contributions to the fund.
•Earlier this year the Command of HMS Sultan welcomed the addition of a new 3G surface within a Multi User Games Area for sport thanks to a grant from the RNSL.
•Commander Sophie Shaughnessy, The Executive Officer of HMS Sultan who presented the Jackpot said: “It’s very unusual to have two big lottery winners within the same establishment, especially within just a few weeks of each other. I’m delighted to be able to share in the joy the win provides by awarding the cheques. The RNSL makes a great contribution towards making sports accessible to all our personnel and I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone who is not a member to get involved.”
•Service personnel can support the RNSL for just 75p a week. Please visit the RNSL website for further information: