Sports Lottery Form 1

RNSL Form 1

If you would prefer to post this form to us, print out and complete this form

Application criteria and guidelines for grants from the RNSL must be read prior to completion of this form.
If the application is for a tour or training camp, the current tour letter is also essential reading.
(All fields are compulsory)

1.Establishment / Ship / Unit / Sports Association (>see Criteria - para 4)

2.Project / Item(s) for which money is sought:
(Description of tour, training camp, AT/exped, equipment)

3.Reasons / Justifications for application
(>see Criteria - para 9 - 20)

4.Applications for tours, training camps and expeditions must be accompanied by the following:
Please attach required document (word doc or pdf).

a. Nominal List and Service Numbers (SL membership is mandatory - funds will not be released without verification)


b. Statement of proposed income and expenditure.(Include all sources of income and anticipated costs)


c. Proposed itinerary


d. Quotations confirming major expenditure costs


e. Signed JSATFA. (For publicly funded AT/Exped)


f. Miscellaneous documents, Admin order etc.


5.Applications for equipment must be supported by a written quotation inclusive of VAT
Please attach required document (word doc or pdf)


6.Overall cost of project/items
(>see Criteria - para 14 - 18)

7.Amount sought as grant
(This it the total cost before any grant)

Applicant - Final check: having read the Criteria letter/Tour letter.

  • All possible existing public funds have been identified/secured/listed.
  • Nominal list is complete, including Service numbers - all are SL members.
  • All local non-public funds have been identified/secured ( Welfare, Unit, Corps etc).
  • The travel element is proportionate to the overall cost.
  • Aims cannot be achieved closer to home.
  • Travel is by the most economical means.
  • The standard of accommodation consistent with the activity.
  • The application does not include items beyond the scope of RNSL funding. (e.g. promotional/leisure clothing, gifts, trophies, social events, taxis etc.)
  • This is a rigorous sports tour/exped, not a subsidised holiday.
  • There is a good mix of personnel - rank, rate, gender, experience.
  • If applicable; the tour/training camp numbers are iaw Tour letter.
  • If applicable; "permission to tour letter" has been sent.
  • The application meets the required timescale. (Retrospective applications will not be accepted.
  • If applicable; (publicly funded AT) a JSATFA enclosed

8.Applicant (Organiser/Association)



Tel No:


9.Approved through the appropriate chain of command:(>see Criteria - para 8)

  • Applications from ships/shore establishments/RM units are to be authorised and signed by the
    Commanding Officer or Executive Officer.
  • In addition to para a., applications from Fleet units are to be further endorsed by Temeraire SO3RPD or
    IPTRM or RM.
  • Applications on behalf of Command Teams are to be authorised and signed by the appropriate ARO
    or IPTRM for RM.
  • Applications from Sports Associations are to be authorised and signed by their Chairman or by the
    Secretary, Treasurer or designated Tour Manager (provided the tour has been approved at an AGM or
    Executive meeting).

Approval and Comment by Appropriate Chain of Command.

Signed (Type name):


10.If this application is successful it is requested that the cheque be made payable to:
(Cheques will only be made payable to approved accounts (e.g. CAF, Centra Fund etc) and not to individuals)

11.Grant cheque should be forwarded to:
(full address)